About Us


Welcome to Victorian Stallions TV!


This Internet TV website provides Victorian stallion owners a showcase to the world – a platform with which to illustrate the depth of breeding talent available in this state.


Whether it has been the proactive marketing by other regions or local hubris, or a combination of both, there is a misconception that Victorian breeding is the poor cousin: and to that, we have a simple response (several responses actually) … Black Caviar, Takeover Target, Sacred Kingdom, Silent Witness, Hay List, Testa Rossa.


These Champions are just the mere tips of a bigger iceberg than the one that checked the Titanic.


This website, and the accompanying printed publication, is brought to you by the breeders of Victoria and our thanks goes out to the world leading Super VOBIS – not only the principal partner of Victorian Stallions – but a kindred spirit in a mission to place Victoria at the forefront of international breeding.


Ultimately, Victorian Stallions is much more than simply filling a niche in a highly competitive market. It’s a celebration of what Victoria’s thoroughbred industry has to offer broodmare owners and enthusiasts, both in terms of quality and opportunity.


We implore you to explore … you’ll find that there is plenty to celebrate!

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